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Power of Attorney and  Advanced Health Care Directive

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney appoints a person that will handle your financial affairs if you are ever temporarily or permanently unable to deal with your finances yourself. A power of attorney can grant broad powers to your agent in dealing with your finances or be narrowly tailored and only grant certain powers. A Power of Attorney can be effective immediately or can become effective upon the happening of a certain event such as one's temporary or permanent incapacity.


A Power of Attorney is included in all Will and Trust packages but I also draft these as stand-alone documents. 

Power of Attorney

Advance Health Care Directive

An Advanced Healthcare Directive (AHCD) becomes very important should you become unable to make health care decisions yourself temporarily or permanently. An AHCD allows you to give your loved ones and your health care providers instructions on how you want your health care to be provided.


You can appoint a person or persons of your choosing to make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself. An AHCD does not go into effect until you are incapacitated and unable to reasonably communicate. The directive gives direction on the choices you would like to be made for yourself. If you don’t have this type of document loved ones can be left not knowing what to do.


An AHCD is included in all Will and Trust packages but I also draft these as stand-alone documents.

Estate Plan, Living Will, and Healthcare

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