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Special Needs Trust

Special Needs Planning is so important for families to consider if they have a loved one with special needs. A Special Needs Trust can allow one to customize a plan for financial needs while not jeopardizing access to critical government benefits. Many are concerned with what will happen to their special needs loved one if the family is no longer able to care for the special needs person. A Special Needs Trust can help to address these concerns.


These types of Trusts must adhere to current laws and be followed carefully in order not to jeopardize any benefit that is being received. They must be reviewed and updated on a regular basis in-order to meet current laws that can change often and rapidly.

The Law Office of Kim White mainly drafts Third-Party Special Needs Trusts but also provides insight and counseling on the different options that are available when planning for a special needs person. This is a complicated area of Estate Planning and there are many things to consider when implementing a plan.

Mother and Baby

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I could not be more impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of Ms. White. Kim was able to not only set up my Trust but also the Special Needs Trust within the Trust. Kim understood how important it was for me to make sure that my Son would be provided for when I was no longer able to provide for his needs. Kim was very patient, taking the time to make sure I understood each facet of both Trusts as well as prepare my Will. I highly recommend Kim White for all your Estate Planning needs.”


Erma Jewett

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